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Dear Wine Lover,

I'm often bemused by one of the great obvious truths about wine, namely, that it can be enjoyed without the imbiber having a single iota of knowledge about its age, its cost or whether it speaks French, Italian, or Californian.

I give you now the other truth about wine: The more you know about its origins, its character, its value, and its ability to add magic to an already magical dinner, the greater and more lasting your pleasure.

I know this from my own 40+ years in the realm of the grape and from the ongoing comments I receive from students who have benefited from WINDOWS ON THE WORLD WINE SCHOOL AND KEVIN ZRALY’S ADVANCED & MASTER WINE SCHOOL CLASSES; one of whom you probably know (and whose enthusiasm is probably the reason for your inquiry).

Did I mention also that knowledge means you'll buy better and order smarter?

I guarantee it.

And now, let me uncork the classes for you.

Its Setting
Row upon row of gleaming white-linened tables, crystalware set before each seat. Come early and sit up front - if you dare. Note, too, the attentive professional staff. Silently, they will pour.

Kevin Zraly

Kevin Zraly