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The NY Book of Wine

The New York Book of Wine by Matthew DeBord quotes:

Marriott Essex House
160 Central Park South, NYC

“Zraly is possibly the best-known sommelier in all New York, if not the world. The now sadly - and tragically - destroyed Windows on the World wine cellar, housed in what was the World Trade Center, was his baby. Drawing on its resources, high above lower Manhattan, he educated an entire generation of wine pros, future sommeliers, and enlightened amateurs. Zraly's course - after a period of mourning, he resumed teaching it at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square - is all about personality. The man can imbue more energy into a discussion of Puligny-Montrachet than some statesmen can the fate of the European Union. His enthusiasm is infectious; by the time the eight-week course has concluded, you will have become not just a wine lover, but a wine acolyte - a crusader for the virtues of the vine. In fact, so thoroughly indispensable has the Windows course become that the textbook Zraly generated out of it, The Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: A Lively Guide, has been adopted by many experts as the definitive ABCs-of-wine guide. There are something like four million in print. Zraly is also in great demand as a speaker on wine and as a corporate consultant. As wine courses go, this one is the blue-chip standard by which all others are judged. It's also a relative bargain at the $1200 price tag, as students will taste several thousand dollars worth of tremendously desirable wine.”

“A decade ago, Laura Maniec was on the path to be a chef. Enrolled and about to start classes at the Culinary Institute of America, she decided on a whim to take the Windows on the World wine course, held on the 106th floor of the North Tower. I fell in love, she says. And the morning after her last class, September 11, 2011, while she watched in horror as the Towers fell, Maniec felt her calling change. Like so many other New Yorkers my life pivoted that day.”

“I personally thought the component tasting was one of the most informational classes I've had about wine. I'm trying to learn as much as I can!! And knowing WHAT I'm tasting, being able to separate it, will be a great tool for me. Thanks again!!”

“The technology you have implemented in your new book is outstanding! What a productive way to enhance the learning. As well, your enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious. I can't wait for class, I am learning a great deal and having a complete blast.”

“I was not a big fan of Rieslings, but after the exercise and sampling the different wines I can say I have an entirely different outlook on the wine. I've been in the alcohol business for 30 years, and have heard many ways to describe our business but the "bull's eye" visual gives a different perspective all together.”

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening! I really enjoyed the class. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge is outstanding, and you made learning about wine so much fun!”

“It was a great class! You are an incredible teacher...funny, smart, and oh so knowledgeable and un-stuffy about your subject. After 18 years at Seagram, wine is (and always has been) very much a part of my life.”

“Had loads of fun and gained a lot of knowledge about wine. I will always use your 60 second evaluation when tasting wine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your terrific humor. I hope to sit in a tasting of yours down the road.”

“I was amazed this week how I went from having no idea what a German wine label meant to knowing what just about every word on the label referred to after 15 minutes of reading. Unbelievable. Thank You!”

“Your passion is really quite moving. You are a true educator, you have really thought about what you are trying to convey, and it shows up in every facet of your course. The themes of "don't be afraid" and "do I like this wine?"" were really generous to your students - I don't know how else to put it - but for all your self-effacing humor, there is so much in what you do that really inspires your students to think about all kinds of things beyond wine. And so it becomes just a very rich experience. So thank you for putting so much of yourself into it, I can't imagine a better way to fall into the rabbit hole. And hope you have a wonderful holiday.”

“I took your course- probably back in 1996 and it forever changed my world! I was a newbie in the pharmaceutical world and had to entertain physicians in fancy NYC restaurants. I wanted to gain confidence in ordering off a wine list. What I gained was so much more. I gained the confidence to try all types of wine, no longer prisoned by being an "only red" girl. I also learned to drink what I like, not what I am told I should like. I give your book as a gift every year to at least one person I know who wants to learn more about wine. I will always remember the wine class at Windows with the sun shining in, your comments making us smile as we learned, and of course the wonderful bottles you shared with us.”

“I cannot thank you enough. The pleasure was immense. I learned so much about how to taste wine that my eyes were completely opened, and I taste so much more now than ever before. I thought you broke down complex ideas into bite size chunks for novices and experts alike, and I thought the tasting session with the various tastes (acid, sugar, etc) was brilliant. You are without a doubt the most innovative, entertaining, and knowledgeable wine educator that I have ever seen, and I am truly thrilled to have taken the course.”