The Zraly Effect

Here’s what people who have taken Kevin’s wine classes and events have to say...

I personally thought the component tasting was one of the most informational classes I’ve had about wine. I’m trying to learn as much as I can!! And knowing WHAT I’m tasting, being able to separate it, will be a great tool for me. Thanks again!!


The technology you have implemented in your new book is outstanding! What a productive way to enhance the learning. As well, your enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious. I can’t wait for class, I am learning a great deal and having a complete blast.


I was not a big fan of Rieslings, but after the exercise and sampling the different wines I can say I have an entirely different outlook on the wine. I’ve been in the alcohol business for 30 years, and have heard many ways to describe our business but the “bull’s eye” visual gives a different perspective all together.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening! I really enjoyed the class. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge is outstanding, and you made learning about wine so much fun!


It was a great class! You are an incredible teacher...funny, smart, and oh so knowledgeable and un-stuffy about your subject. After 18 years at Seagram, wine is (and always has been) very much a part of my life.


Had loads of fun and gained a lot of knowledge about wine. I will always use your 60 second evaluation when tasting wine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your terrific humor.


I was amazed this week how I went from having no idea what a German wine label meant to knowing what just about every word on the label referred to after 15 minutes of reading. Unbelievable. Thank You!


Your passion is really quite moving. The theme of “don’t be afraid” was really generous to your students - I don’t know how else to put it - but for all your self-effacing humor, there is so much in what you do that really inspires your students to think about all kinds of things beyond wine. And so it becomes just a very rich experience. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into it.


I took your course and it forever changed my world! I was a newbie in the pharmaceutical world and had to entertain physicians in fancy NYC restaurants. I wanted to gain confidence in ordering off a wine list. What I gained was so much more. I give your book as a gift every year to at least one person I know who wants to learn more about wine.


I have learned so much from your expertise and used your book as a “textbook” during each of the tastings. I am looking forward to ordering your “Red Wine” book.


I so enjoyed the six virtual wine classes that you hosted via Zoom…I was also able to enjoy the class with my significant other while in quarantine which made it a perfect way to spend a Monday for the past 6 weeks! Thank you.


Kevin, I want to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the class. It was definitely a high point during this difficult time.

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